The great moments of a life are fleeting—

There and gone like silken reflections on a fast river.

Once in a while my camera captures it—that glimpse of the deux ex machina.

                                                                                        –Ben Bolt


The Magic Forest Series


This is an ongoing series I am creating about the forest behind our house. I try and go there every day with my three and half golden retrievers.

The half a dog is Susie, who is part border collie.

When I took these pictures it was below zero and Pup, our youngest golden, had eaten the fingers off of my gloves. So I had to turn back when my fingers could not push the shutter.


This is Pup.


He started out being named Atticus. But—well, the name did not fit. He is a live wire clown, daredevil, knows no restraint, full-speed-ahead funny guy!


He just turned three and stopped eating all our hats and underwear, shoes, coats and wire fences in the Dog Park. He may be the largest golden in Vermont. He loves everyone and thinks the purpose of life is to have fun.

This is Finn.


He is our old and wise golden. Finn is about six years old.


He spends most of his time in the Magic Forest digging for root beer. That is the roots of a cherry birch, which my aunt used to dig up to make root beer for us kids. Yes, it had alcohol in it.

Finn is in Nirvana.


If you see Finn with his head under the snow, he has found the birch root that he loves!

This is Susie.


She is an eleven year old Golden Retriever Border Collie.

She cost $25 and has never been sick. She can run as long and far as the younger goldens. She listens to no one and does whatever she feels like doing. She gives new meaning to the word: Stubborn.

This is Lochie.


Lochinivar, first of his name, son of Rufus, grandson of Loch In Var.


This picture makes Lochie look not very dignified. But you have to understand that when the goldens go in a lake Pup always winds up with the ball, the stick, my towel or my shoes and Lochie gets very frustrated.



After showing you Lochie being confusticated, I had to show just what a beautiful, gentle, sweet and loving dog he is.


Lochie is everyone's best friend *


*Except Pup's


Merry Christmas Sir Lochie






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